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we are a clothing production factory wholesale. We are a complete clothing creation team and ready to help you design your own unique clothing designs.

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We are a textile manufacturing factory based in Bangkok, Thailand with a management team. and international clothing experts Since the establishment of a clothing company in Thailand We provide a wide range of services. Including garment service. as well as printing services From basic quality to premium quality When talking about product quality We guarantee excellence through our standards in material selection and high quality production lines. With the expertise of the management team We guarantee the highest quality in every aspect of our services.

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We are a Clothing factory in Thailand. We are your go-to for clothing business owners. Especially in producing high quality apparel products in Asia. With 10 years of experience of our executives and team. Our clothing factory has reliable expertise in producing high quality clothing that serves the market well. Whether it is creating a new clothing brand or producing custom style clothing, our factory is fully prepared to meet every customer need and is focused on creating maximum satisfaction for every customer Choose our service

Eilat Fashion co.,ltd. is well known in the industry. Integrated clothing production factory in Thailand Our factory has expertise in both premium Tailoring and Screen printing. We use cutting-edge technology such as Sublimation and DFT Printing and are committed to using the highest quality materials. and environmentally friendly production processes All this to provide customers with high quality products. And all this at a competitive price. We are ready to answer all the needs of your clothing business. and lead you to unparalleled success in the market.

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Another interesting option for those who are looking for a stable business with high profits. In addition to being a clothing factory in Thailand, our company also has ready-made clothing. We sell clothes wholesale prices. The more you order, the cheaper the price.

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Please contact us. Good product quality And we can offer you the best prices anywhere else. Because we are a clothes factory in Thailand. with world class standards

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