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Why use dft & dtf t-shirt printing services with Elath Fashion?

If you are looking for a DFT screen printing shirt service that meets standards. and high quality for your products We are the best choice with DFT & DTF Services. Currently, various clothing brands Looking for a clothing factory with high production standards to produce their own products. We have a team that has expertise in this service. Our team pays attention to every detail. From design garment to the screening process and with product quality We also provide friendly prices. It is worth the value of the clothes you will receive. We also have state-of-the-art DTF tools to provide you with a high quality product tailored to your needs.

What is the difference between our Silk Screen and others?

Design formats and control DTF printing with a professional team.

Designing and controlling DTF (Direct to Film) printing requires a team of professionals with expertise in this field. To make the products of the highest quality The team should have effective technical knowledge and experience in using tools and technologies related to DFT printing.

Our DTF products provide intense and stable color control. Using excellent quality materials. This allows the product to withstand high temperatures. No peeling or color loss after printing. That is important to help make the image sharp and beautiful. and help add value to the products that come out

We use a strictly controlled printing process to achieve color perfection. Be it manipulating digital images or selecting high-quality colors. We are committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers.

We value customer satisfaction and convenience. With friendly prices and excellent printing quality. We are confident that our customers will have the best experience using our services.


Take your textile game to the next level with DFT and DTF technologies! Our solutions offer global reach, ensuring fashion-forward products with guaranteed quality, cost-effectiveness, and transparency every step of the way.



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