Our Service

High standard clothing production service Ready to respond to customer needs

Our work for Tailoring

Ready-made clothing sewing service Fashionable clothes, work clothes, various uniforms for both men and women. We can sew them according to the styles that customers want. With more than 10 years of sewing experience, we focus on quality products. Pay attention to every detail. We also offer shirt screening services. Ready to put up for sale.

Our work for Designer

Clothing design service Patterns on clothes, artwork, drawn by a professional illustrator. Pattern design using computer programs For use in screen printing on clothing and textiles. front and back

Our work for Silk screen

T-shirt screening service in the form of silk screen, screened using the method of making blocks into the desired pattern. and use the ink-cutting method known as Silkscreen ink In order for the ink to stick to the fabric, it can be done with all types of fabric.

Our work for Sublimation

Sublimation t-shirt screen printing service is a high quality image printing service. Because this type of image printing helps in making the pattern much sharper than silk screen printing, it is suitable for art-patterned shirt work. who want sharper quality

our work for DTF, DFT

Photo printing service using DTF, DFT systems is to screen print designs onto a printing plate. With DTF’s special ink called Inkjet and sprinkle glue powder onto the printing plate. And use the method of ironing the pattern from the film sheet. From the heat transfer machine Suitable for clothes that need fresh colors. and image clarity